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About CAS

Centre for Amerindian, Latin American Studies and Caribbean Studies

The Department of Social Anthropology and beyond the interests and expertise of our staff, we are interested in all research concerned with Latin America, the Caribbean and Amerindian societies, regardless of disciplinary outlook. We are one of the oldest research centres at The University of St Andrews, having run for 51 years since Douglas Gifford founded CAS in 1969 as the Centre for Latin American Linguistic Studies.

At CAS we are actively seeking opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, networking and ongoing conversation with interested colleagues. CAS is directed by Dr Ana P Gutierrez Garza. 

We run a regular lively and welcoming series of seminars each semester with papers from invited speakers and our postgraduate students. We also co-host events with other schools and departments within St Andrews.  For details about CAS events please see here. For information on our weekly seminar see here.


CAS infrastructure and resources


The Centre has a small suite of offices encompassing a reading room, a post-graduate computer room and an administrative office. CAS houses a small library containing a teaching collection of predominantly linguistics texts in its reading room.  Current opening hours for the CAS Reading Room are by appointment. CAS publishes specialist region-focused publications via its occasional paper and monograph series.