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Dr. Ana P. Gutierrez Garza


Migration, gender, economic anthropology, inequality, care, labour, morality and ethics


Professor Mark Harris 


Ethnohistory, historical anthropology, ecological anthropology, the anthropology of embodiment and experience, social science methodology, religion, Brazilian Amazon and South America.


Professor Sabine Hyland 


Ecuador, Peru, Andes; Inkas; ethnopoetics; historical anthropology; literacy, writing and politics; ancient scripts; Jesuits and Christian missionaries in colonial South America


Dr. Huon Wardle

Senior Lecturer

The West Indies and modernity, cosmopolitanism, creolisation, comedy and mischief, imagination and perception. Kingston Jamaica.



Dr. Sarah Bennison

Research Fellow

Ethnicity, landscape beings, irrigation rituals, oral narratives of water, ethnohistory, local texts



Dr. Patrick O’Hare

UKRI Future Leaders Fellow

Recycling, waste, labour, cooperatives, infrastructure, plastic.



Dr. Christos Lynteris 

Senior Lecturer

History of the scientific study of rats as disease hosts and vectors in Argentina, Brazil and Chile under The Global War Against the Rat and the Epistemic Emergence of Zoonosis project. Link here




Dr Matheus Duarte

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Following people, texts and objects as they circulated between Brazil, India and France, Matheus’s work questions established interpretations on the history of microbiology and showed that, on the fight against the plague, microbiology became a global construction.