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CAS has the honour to host a series of online seminars where scholars from different parts of the world will get together to discuss and present research on Race and Racism in Latin America and the Caribbean. These webinars are an open platform for people interested in exploring the histories, problems and particularities that race and racism have in this part of the world. With these seminars we aim to join on-going conversations on Race and Racism in Latin America and the Caribbean and also to construct a permanent international network that can contribute in the development of a collective reflection on the topic in different parts of the region.

Interseccionalidad: raza y clase

Graziella Moraes – (The Graduate Institute Geneva)  Interseccionalidad: raza y clase We join the Seminar Series: “Hacer una puerta donde no la hay”: Sesiones sobre blanquitud en México. Sessões sobre branquitude.…