Latin American Indigenous Print Cultures Workshop. August 25th 2023

Friday 18 August 2023

Latin American Indigenous Print Cultures Workshop

Centre for Amerindian, Latin American and Caribbean Studies

University of St Andrews

August 25th 2023


 9am-10.30am – Panel 1: Cultural memory, authenticity and the book form[1]

Philippe Erikson (University of Paris-Nanterre) – Itënëimëk. Kunolo. An autonomous wayana editorial project in French Guiana.

Catherine Alès (CNRS/ University of St Andrews) – Production of Writing Documents in Amerindian Language and Transmission of Values

Valentina Vapnarsky (CNRS/ University of Paris-Nanterre) – Old Maya palimpsests, regenerative copies and a modern publication

(Valentina comments on Phillipe, Phillipe comments on Catherine, Catherine on Valentina)


10.30am-11am: Coffee Break


11am- 12.30pm – Panel 2: The politics of (co)-authorship and collaboration

Olivia Casagrande (University of Sheffield) – ‘You taught me language; and my profit on’t’. Translation, collective authorship, and frictions as anticolonial collaborations in indigenous and anthropological writing

Jonathan Alderman (LMU, Munich) – Quechua, Aymara and Spanish texts in popular educational project in Andean Bolivia

Andrés Napurí (National University of San Marcos) – Life histories with members of indigenous societies: methodological and ethical remarks


(Jonathan comments on Olivia, Andrés comments on Jonathan, Olivia comments on Andrés)

12.30pm-1.30pm: Lunch


1.30- 3pm – Panel 3: Multimodal expressions

Maria Koulouri (University of St Andrews) – Indigenous Infographics: how wool and colour on Khipu Board registries assisted in the understanding of Andean community classifications in nineteenth-century Peru.

Jessica Sequeira (University of Cambridge)- Santos Chávez’ evolving artistic vision in Mapuche print culture

Sol Barreto (Catapoesia – Minas Gerais) – As Loas no Tempo/ Espaco Da Memoria

(Jessica comments on Maria, Sol comments on Jessica, Patrick comments on Sol)


3pm-3.30pm – Coffee


3.30pm-5pm- Panel 4: Indigenous Writing: Autonomy vs Institutionalisation?

Mariana López Durand, Luz María Lepe Lira (University of Querétaro)- Approaching imagined publics through materiality of self and institutionally published indigenous literatures in Mexico

Angelica Waner (UCLA) Retaking the Path: Neza Cubi and the Start of a Movement

Dylan Bradbury (University of Manchester) – The sensory politics of writing in Mapuzugun

(Angelica comments on Mariana, Dylan comments on Angelica, Mariana comments on Dylan)


5pm-5.30pm- Closing Remarks (Patrick O’Hare and Natalia Buitron)


[1] 20-minute presentations, followed by 5 minutes from discussant then 15 minutes general discussion at the end.

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